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 Posted: Wed Mar 30th, 2005 12:09 am
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Konichiwa! Welcome to the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums. Post your question in the appropriate forum for personalized, expert help from Master Appliantologists.

You can participate in this forum absotootly free! But if you'd like to unlock the enhanced features, such as editing your own posts, posting in an existing topic, sending private messages, and viewing the thousands of illustrative attachments you'll need to become an Apprentice Appliantologist-- see this page for details.

Remember to include your model number in your post!

I can't tell you how many times grasshoppers ask me for help repairing their appliance and they either give me a bad model number or none at all. Without a valid model number, I can't look up diagrams or find out anything about your appliance. So, here are the Ten Commandments for Reading Appliance Model Numbers:
  1. Thou shalt read the model number directly off the manufacturer's tag affixed to the appliance.

  2. Thou shalt use these diagrams to help you locate the manufacturer's tag if you are having trouble.

  3. Thou shalt not offer up the excuse that the manufacturer's tag could not be located on the appliance; yea verily, this is bullsheist that doth stinketh in my nostrils.

  4. Thou shalt read the model number under the illumination of a flashlight.

  5. Thou shalt not offer up the model number unless it was read under the illumination of a flashlight.

  6. Thou shalt double and triple check the accuracy of the model number before offering it up.

  7. Thou shalt not offer up a model number until its accuracy has been double and triple checked.

  8. Thou shalt not offer up any model number found on any printed manuals associated with the appliance.

  9. Thou shalt not omit the three digit number to the left of the decimal point in the model number for a Kenmore appliance.

  10. Thou shalt offer up thy fermented praises to the United Samurai Beer Fund.
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