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 Posted: Sat Aug 28th, 2010 04:22 pm
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RJ Kanary

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        I am not as experienced in mechanical refrigeration as other members of this Forum.Things that I HAVE learned by servicing automotive A/C systems and by keeping my eyes and ears open (and my mouth SHUT. <VBG> ) when people that know more than I do are talking is.................The location of the frost is the location of the restriction in the system.

       In the case of a cap tube system this generally does NOT bode well.It indicates that something is coming apart and generating debris. Some of the real old timers may still have the hydraulic tool used for unblocking plugged cap tubes.If you find some one willing to try to repair this unit, be advised that this approach IF successful would be temporary at best since the root cause hasn't been addressed.


         There is also the possibility that something could split open during the repair attempt.{But if the unit is already unserviceable, it's not much of a loss.}

RJ Kanary
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