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 Posted: Fri Sep 16th, 2005 01:31 am
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    When You say thermostat are you talking about the cold control in the fresh food side or are you talking about that little silver thing (Defrost Thermostat) that attaches to the top of your evaporator coil?   When you replaced the defrost heater did you use a WR51X443 defrost heater harness which includes that little silver thing as well as the heater?

    The tech sheet on a lot of those GEs will say the defrost duration is 35 minutes.  I find they are almost 50 minutes most of the time.  I almost always end up replacing the defrost heater harness on frosted up GE side by sides like yours.   But I ALWAYS check it,. do the procedure.

    Put the timer in defrost, remember what time it is, then start removing the evaporator cover.  If you find the heaters on there is a 99.2 % chance you have a bad timer.  If not you need to check the heater and the defrost t-stat.  You can bypass the defrost thermostat and see if the heaters come on if you like. cut the power first.  By the time I get defrosted, replace the bad heater harness and put it back together the timer comes out of defrost.  I won't leave until I hear the compressor start. If it reaches close to an hour I start getting nervous.  Any longer than I that I go back in and change the timer too.


     This could also be the early stages of a sealed system problem.

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