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 Posted: Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 02:42 am
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After using this repair kit for over 4 years, I had a problem with it but did a couple of mods to fix it. If you are going to install it, I would recommend the mods described below be done up-front.

I installed the kit in 2006 and it worked till recently, when the axle (just a nail) slipped and let the door fall open. I put it back and that lasted only a week before it slipped again. The 2nd time, I also noted the adhesive for the metal bracket (double sided sticky foam) was starting to let go on one end, contributing to the movement of the axle every time ice is dispensed.

So – I would recommend the following mods immediately if you install it:
    1) Make sure the axle (nail) is captured at the free end so it will not work itself out. I filed a groove in the nail and installed a tiny C clip (from my junkbox) to keep it from coming out again. A dab of glue might suffice but that solution has its own problems.

    2) Figure out some way to attach the metal bracket other than just the adhesive tape. I just carefully drilled a hole in one end while the bracket was in place – limited depth – then drilled the bracket only with a slightly larger bit and put a self-tapping screw in the plastic. Its holding so far. (several weeks)

    Maybe epoxy or Plumbers Goop would hold if applied liberally. This would be messy and you have to figure out some way to hold it (tape?) till the glue cures. But If you have the tools and are brave, I recommend just drilling two holes in either end of the bracket and installing with two self-tapping screws into the refrigerator door plastic. Find two SHORT self-tapping screws (approx 1/8” diameter - NO more than ½” long ) and a matching drill bit SMALLER than the outer thread diameter of the screws. Place the bracket carefully, mark for holes in the bracket, drill them. This hole is to obviously be larger than the selected screws (You will need a good drill bit as the bracket is tough steel). Then place it again and mark the door plastic for holes. CAREFULLY drill limited-depth holes (DON’T go completely thru the door! ONLY to depth needed for the screws you have). Install the self tapping screws – not too tight –remember its fairly thin plastic.
Good Luck!