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 Posted: Sun Apr 24th, 2005 09:56 am
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Konichiwa, Honorable Samurai Appliance Repairman;

Along the path to appliance enlightenment I once obtained, by means of money, a 1300W Panasonic "Inverter" Microwave from Sears. (About 5 Years ago).  Apparently, the master appliantologists at Panasonic had discovered a way to make a man sized microwave (2.1 cu. ft.) that weighs less than a small child.  No more heavy transformer, no expletives required during balancing it end-in with one hand, while plugging it into the hood fan cavity with the other.

Regrettably, I have on two occasions had to disrupt the tranquility of my garden kitchen by making use of those same expletives which I had so painstakingly conserved during installation.  (Well...three times, if you count my son’s popcorn-fire incident.)

On the other two occasions, I observed spectacular bright blue flashes coming from outside the cavity, on the bottom of the microwave, even mildly sooting the surface on which the microwave rest.  This was followed by that unmistakable smell which I like to think of as “Who let the smoke out of the semiconductors?” 

On the first occasion, one year into “quest for fire”, the radiation device in question was under warranty.  The friendly Sears service department was more than happy to replace my inverter board, and ding Panasonic for the courtesy.  On the second occasion, Sears was ready and willing to relieve me of $135 or so for the same courtesy as the warranty had long since expired.

I declined, since the inside of my microwave was pretty scorched from the popcorn incident two years prior, and since I concluded that this product failure was not a one-time freak accident, but rather a failure one could look forward to on a regular basis.  

This is no doubt owing to the fact that the Panasonic appliantologists had clearly not corrected their design inadequacies.  (Whether this is due physical inadequacy in other dimensions of their journey, or a simple result of greed on the part of the Panasonic (or should I say Matsushita?) corporation, this is difficult to determine.)  Certainly my own designs have always been very reliable, so perhaps there is a correlation between endowment and design quality.   Perhaps by ‘extension’, Matsushita Corporation is just the innocent victim of their own winky impaired appliance design community, who is to say?   

It is clear to me now however, that for whatever reason, the Master Appliantologists (I choose the second word with some hesitation) who perpetrated this horrible joke on us “innocently trusting in Panasonic quality average-Joe-consumers”, are completely reprobate, and have no intention whatsoever of correcting their design abomination.  

Oh no!  In fact Panasonic is still enthusiastically perpetrating (or should I say prosecuting?) this hoax here in North America with great zeal.  I came to this conclusion just this past week, when in passing I mentioned my experience to a fellow appliantologist whereupon he informed me that he has had the same repair performed twice himself, under Sears Warranty, on his Panasonic Inverter Microwave!!!!!  Meanwhile Inverter technology is being gleefully promoted in the Panasonic brochures as though it were a feature and a benefit and not the horrible design failure which we now all know it to be.

As a public service to your honorable readers, I post here, for their benefit, the following caveat:


Panasonic Microwave Review Reviews Inverter Comparison Shop Price Quality Product Failure Unhappy.  Would not buy again.


They will break down because they have a fundamental design flaw in the inverter circuitry which has not been corrected, even though warranty returns must be giving some ‘hint’ of the problem.

Fellow readers, please post if you have had a similar experience, or if you think I am all wet.  In the latter case, I will be happy to edit this post appropriately. 

Honorable Samurai, it is Matsushita Corporation who should come to my kitchen, slice open their collective bellies, and spill their steaming entrails onto my floor, not you.

 I remain your humble student.


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