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 Posted: Thu Sep 15th, 2005 10:57 am
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Hello, my warming up friend. While reading of your travails, I was struck by this statement you made:

The defrost timing is good,...

And I wondered aloud to myself, "How has this femininely-coloured panther made such a determination?" My muttering startled one of my wives, causing her to disrobe in front of me and my remaining thoughts were lost in the frantic rustling of robes, pillows and yak skins.

Afterwards, as I lay smoking my hookah with my thoughts returning, it occurred to me that the defrost timer is the only piece of the defrosting system that you have not replaced. Further, it is much more likely that the fault lies with another component, such as the defrost timer, rather than a new component that you have already replaced.

Please excuse me, one of my other wives has come in and is "startled" as well.

Allahu Akbar!