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 Posted: Sat Aug 14th, 2010 11:59 pm
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Maytag Alantis MAVT834AWW-

Fills with water, no agitation.  Timer works, goes into spin and the water is pumped out.

Tried other wash settings still same thing.  It is a 5 speed so tried all 5 speed settings.  Same thing.

During the agitation cycle the motor is humming, if I help it to start it will run.  After I help it, all is normal. 

Motor hums with the belt off, but will start if I spin the pulley. 

This model does not appear to have a start cap, prints say start cap only for export models.  Not sure where it comes from so it could be export model but I have not found a cap yet.  It runs when it comes to spin so the start windings are good, I think. 

I am leaning towards replacing the motor but wanted an appliance tech to chime in here if I am missing something.