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 Posted: Sat Aug 7th, 2010 04:24 pm
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Ok, I hope you can help as my buddy [good with appliances etc] and myself [marginal on a good day] cannot figure out what part is in need of replacing.

Approx 10 years old, served us well overall...

Orignially figured a belt, got new one, installed and deserved it, but didn't fix problem.

Took most of washer apart checking for blockages etc.... none found and even blew air from pressure switch back into tub just incase it mattered.

checked circuit board after seeing so many articles on blown resistors and what part caused it.... all resistors appear fine and showed resistance.

washer runs seemingly fine, no noises etc.... thus figured with clear lines, working pump and check valve that it had to be the timer and replaced that too... Another $120 and same problem...

What would cause a seemingly fine machine to get in its own way and not get the final rinse water completely out?