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 Posted: Sat Apr 23rd, 2005 11:03 pm
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elevatorman wrote: I also disconnected the float sw. and put a jumper across the 2 wires on the plug connector~ to check if N.C. would put voltage on water intlet and it tripped the breaker again. I'm wondering now if I should just change the water inlet assy to see if that coil/solenoid is the culprit for smoking the float sw. and tripping the breaker.

   Sounds to me like your fill solenoid may be shorted.  Why not do the same thing again only this time disconnect the two wires going to the fill solenoid.

    Or you could ohm it out if you have a meter.

    The older I get the harder it gets to tell the difference between those little NO and NC markings on those little switches

Of course wait for the Samurai's blessing before attempting this.