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 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 06:10 am
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Thank You, madbrad, finally somebody who sees it from my perspective.


What??? Come again?


<<<it helps your economy to spend there as much as it does to spend it in your own country. It's a global economy>>>


<<<And what if a person wishes not to support the UAW or the CAW? One might want to put his spending into his home land but has a legitimate beef with the UAW and it's his perfect right not to support them.>>> 


<<<Nationalism, patriotism jingoism, those are all emotional factors that should not influence your choice, IMO.>>>

<<<The last point is hypocracy. Is every component in your home made by a domestic company or even by workers in the US? Check your TV and your clock radio, your ceramic tiles and hardwood, cabinets, kitchen table, why, we even have things we ar PROUD to tell people are imported! Anyone have bamboo floors? It doesn't grow here!>>>