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 Posted: Sun Jul 11th, 2010 05:44 am
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Thank You, madbrad, finally somebody who sees it from my perspective.

Here in Cleveland, (my ex-employer, Ford Motor Company) is right in my backyard.  Ford has been very good to me and my father over the years.  I chose to take the buyout because I did not want to relocate to Chicago, Illinois. 

I am also a Canadian who was born in the USA. Before I was born my parents lived in Oakville, Ontario where my father worked at the Ford plant.  

Also, here in Ohio Whirlpool Corporation has three assembly plants. 

The Clyde, Ohio washing machine plant where all the Whirlpool top loader machines are built, including the Cabrio.  It is THE largest washing machine plant in the WHOLE world, not the country, the world. They have been assembling top loader washing machines there since the 1920s.  Thanks to Sears.

The Findlay, Ohio dishwasher plant.

The Marion, Ohio dryer plant.

Here in Ohio, manufacturing accounts for a big chunk of the local economy.  We need to keep these plants here.

Scott Wolf