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 Posted: Sat Jul 10th, 2010 05:52 pm
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Since there have been consumer goods there's been debate over what is domestic and whom your money should go to.

There's no black and white. No one can say which is best. WHat if you live in a country that doesn't make cars? Every car is foreign.

The German WP is OK because the profits go to WP which is in USA? OK but what about all those workers in Germany you supported?

A US built Toyota is bad because  the profits go to Toyota in Japan? Waht about all the US assembly workers? Do you wish not to support them?

Wrinkle: I live in Canada. There's no Canadian car maker. The profits will go outside Canada. I can buy something made by Canadian workers though. Should I choose the profits go to the US rather than Japan? They're both foreign, and I have nothing against Japan. In fact we probably have more cause to have a problem with US policies than Japan? Or Germany? I know those were once enemies of USA but those enemy nations do not exist anymore. And a country that is a large trading partner is part of your economy and it helps your economy to spend there as much as it does to spend it in your own country. It's a global economy. A former autoworker who was given the golden dildo by GM Chrysler or Ford should not feel inclined to help or defend his former employer anyway.

And it gets very foggy as to where a car is made. I don't know if this happens with appliances, but for example the Ford Crown Victoria is considered Canadain made. There are many cars assembled in Canada but this is the only big 3 that is an Import in the eyes of the EPA because of the % content and labour that is not US sourced.

And what if a person wishes not to support the UAW or the CAW? One might want to put his spending into his home land but has a legitimate beef with the UAW and it's his perfect right not to support them. 

Appliances? There's some manufacturing here in Canada but their names don't go on the front of machines. I'd be severely limited in my choices but I would be helping local workers.

It's great to support your local economy by putting your spending into it, but the debate over whether it's the worker or the company that matters will never be closed, because different people(with spending money) have different views and needs. I tend to lean toward worker. I think that has a quicker impact, if you're talking trickle down and helping keep your own job.

Nationalism, patriotism jingoism, those are all emotional factors that should not influence your choice, IMO. My country is not better than another because of an imaginary line. My regard is equal for people of all nations, and my judgement on them is for their actions not their location. All North Americans have near ancestry from Europe or Asia or Africa(not counting the natives, whom we treat like aliens). So we might offend someone on this board by expressing anything negative about a German washer for example, not to mention this board being open to users who reside in all those "foreign" lands.

The last point is hypocracy. Is every component in your home made by a domestic company or even by workers in the US? Check your TV and your clock radio, your ceramic tiles and hardwood, cabinets, kitchen table, why, we even have things we ar PROUD to tell people are imported! Anyone have bamboo floors? It doesn't grow here!

There's no problem too big to ignore if you put your mind to it.