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 Posted: Sat Jul 10th, 2010 07:49 am
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I had a job interview with LG last year. One of the questions I asked in the interview is when they plan to start distributing their parts to the local parts houses.

He replied "Why would we do that?"

Helps keep costs to a minimum.

 I have not seen the inside of a "local parts house" for at least 5 years.

All inventory is ordered (or re-ordered via internet).

Less waste of time commuting for me to the "house".

Parts arrive within 2 business days. Keeping a realistic inventory on-hand is the key to success.

Have you ever worked on an LG dishwasher?  I had to replace a complete wiring harness, a door liner, pump and motor assembly AND a control board on an LG dishwasher.

Good God--yes.

Problably replaced--ballpark--some 400 to 500 SUMP ASSEMBLIES on LG dishwashers built from 2004 thru early/mid 2008. Most of them under warranty.

The reason that LG shipped the ENTIRE wire harness--was due to this being literally sent "as is" from the manufacturing process. It does NOT mean that you *must* replace the entire wire harness---just the damaged section (splice & secure).

The LG dishwasher (compared to other tall tub designs NOT the traditional d/w) is the easiest to diagnose and service.

I've got almost 30 years as an appliance servicer to back-up that statement.

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