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 Posted: Sat Jul 10th, 2010 07:13 am
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That's the *customer's* perogative. That--I can understand.

Your position--less so.

Again--this IMPLIES that on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/NewYears Eve/Easter/Memorial Day/Labor Day/Thanksgiving/etc

Only LG (or imported) brand appliances fail on these holidays and that parts took two days to order. This is dishonest and false.

8 out of 10 of my customers swear that they never will buy an LG appliance again, especially refrigerators.

Most of the consumers that I interact with are intially dissatisfied that service was required on their LG refrigerator. *My job* is to resolve their problem quickly & efficiently. Answer any/all concerns that they have.

In the end--they're happy to be back in business and content that they've just made aquaintance with a servicer that KNOWS his job. This is part of being a good service technician. Judging from my posts on this forum---I think it is safe to say that if there are any issues with the LG products---I try to be as forthright as possible about it and offer SOLUTIONS. Most readers of this forum and customers at-large very much appreciate when a servicer is candid (and professional about it).

It takes NO skill to bash/smash *any* brand or type of appliance on this forum. Anyone can do it--it's that easy. No training required.