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 Posted: Sat Jul 10th, 2010 06:40 am
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I am just sick of my customers complaining "It's only a year old, it should not need a $400 repair already!" 


That's inaccurate Scott---and you know it.

A statement like that implies to readers of this forum that WHIRLPOOL / GE / MAYTAG and any other American built or owned brand does NOT fail within 5 years.


I'm also sick of the stores pushing this junk. 


Retailers sell what consumers WANT. This is supply & demand. Basic economics.


As an ex auto assembly plant worker, I'm sick of imports period.  When you have your job eliminated  because everybody keeps buying imports, you'll understand. 

Out of work?  Keep buying imports!

This can be quantified as a "tell". It gives the appearance that your real ulterior- motive is due to the loss of a job on the assembly line and NOT from any real tangible flaw or fault in an imported brand of appliance.

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