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 Posted: Sat Jul 10th, 2010 04:56 am
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While it may be obvious to most of us that this is juvenile---servicers that eloquently trash-talk brands or models of appliances WITHOUT getting into specifics---other than it's "Made In Korea! For Christ Sakes!" " I wouldn't use one those if my own mother held a gun to my head!"

Usually have zippo knowledge of the brand or it's products. V-e-r-y unprofessional. This does NOT endear other professionals to be associated with *you*. Then again, maybe that doesn't matter to this "caliber" of service tech to begin with...

Consumers would prefer a technician that calmly & logically explains/describes any and all shortcomings about a specific appliance.

Picture NASA rocket engineers talking 9th grade level expletives deleted during the early 60s--after numerous failed launches trying to get the reliability of the engines.

Granted--privately, they cussed & cursed. Even then it was more at THEMSELVES for failing rather than any particular partner in the program (GE / Morton-Thiokol / General Dynamics / Raytheon / etc). 

 Grow up. Be Professional.


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