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 Posted: Wed Jul 7th, 2010 10:04 am
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Frig varies 45 - 50 d. Freezer is ok. Here's what I found so far. Compressor and condenser fan are running. The compressor current is too low to register on my clamp on current probe.
The door had sagged so that the refrig fan switch was not making. It may have been like this, or intermittantly,  for a while.  I adjusted the bottom hinge, to raise the door, so the frig fan works. It's still running a long time. It got down to 42f once. Could the evaporator be iced up from running with no fan?
I don't know how to get into the evaporator to visually check it. I turned the cold control up warmer to get it to stop running so the evap could thaw out, if it is froze. At 55d I turned it colder  It's 51 degrees right now and the temp drops very slowly. The thermometer probe is right below the frig fan.

It's been making a noise sometimes lately like short bursts of a chattering relay, but it hasn't done that while I'm looking.