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 Posted: Fri Sep 9th, 2005 03:00 am
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Ok, I have a multimeter, and a friend who knows how to use it. We tried to check the continuity in the door lock switch, but are not sure exactly how.

First, if the pump works, can we assume that these two switches must be working (the timer line switch and the door lock switch)?

If not, Second, how do you get at the timer line switch to check its continuity?

And, how do you check continuity on the door lock switch? I see two plugs, the one on the top has black and white wires, and the one on the bottom has a blue & white striped wire, and a black and red striped wire.

When we disconnected the plugs for the door mechanism, neither of them would shut off the door light. Only when we opened the dispenser drawer did the light go off.

Are my questions irrelevant?