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 Posted: Mon Jun 28th, 2010 05:53 am
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All fixed now :)

At first we thought we could repair the motor, a close look at the commutator showed it was out-of-true ... (not round).
So we drilled out the ridiculous no-service pins that held the ends on the motor and replaced them with nuts and bolts the way they should have been made.
Then whacked the center in the lathe and trued-up the commutator, cleaning out all the little gaps filled with years of brush gunk etc...
Re-assembled it and it behaved just the same (with bonus smoke from the windings ! :) )

We then declared it dead and shoveled the crazy $298au for a new motor and HEY PRESTO! the washer works (it's 10 years old now and we are hoping for another 10 years!!)

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