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 Posted: Thu Sep 8th, 2005 08:02 pm
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Thanks for the link to the repair station.  I may check them out if I decide to sink more money into the stove.  But what I was really asking was if anyone had any idea what exactly was causing the dreaded F1 error in the first place.  In my case at least, it seems to be very random and infrequent.  That does not "feel" like a sensor or touchpad issue to me.  More like something wrong with the electronic module itself.  I have seen several references to the watchdog timer causing an F1 error.  And I am particularly suspicious of the power supply filtering. 

This whole episode has left me yearning for a good old fashioned mechanical stove.  Aside from possibly better temperature control and pilotless ignition, I can't see any real advantage to the electronics in my stove.  But all I see are stoves with electronics.  And they seem to me to be perfect candidates for the same fate as my Admiral.....