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 Posted: Fri Jun 25th, 2010 09:30 am
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My Asko w640 is 10 years old now, during that time I have put new motor brushes in it 3 times, (well one brush at a time), the last one being only 2 months ago.
Now I have "wash motor failure" message on screen again.
I pulled out the motor and the brushes only to see that they are both fine with plenty of carbon rod left.
So I hoped to strip the motor but the end housings are permanently attached so you cannot take it apart. I blew out TONS of black dust (from the brushes I assume) with compressed air and then soaked it internaly in electrical cleaner and allowed it to evaporate.
Reassembled the machine and it stills behaves identically.
The motor makes some attempts to spin (a few degrees at best) then surrenders and gives "wash motor failure" on screen.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !