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 Posted: Thu Sep 8th, 2005 04:05 pm
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Hi guys, just found this forum.

We have an Admiral range that came with the house.  About five or so years ago, it started beeping intermittently and displaying F1.  After research, we replaced the keypad assembly, which fixed it.  Until now.  We just returned from a week out of town, to find it once again beeping and displaying F1.  Pressing the RESET button stopped it for a couple hours, and then it started again.  Pressing RESET a couple more times stopped it, and it has now gone a couple days without beeping. 

I called Maytag to complain and basically give them a piece of my mind (even though I do not think they actually made this particular range) and we got as far as them considering sending me a replacement part for free.... only to find that the part is no longer available. 

So my question is.... any words of wisdom here?  I hate the junk the stove.... we like it better than the new ones we looked at the last time this happened.  But I really don't want to sink yet another $100 - $150 into it if there is a continuing failure issue.  I will check out the temperature sensor and see if it is maybe intermittent.  But this smells more like an ERC watchdog problem.  If it isn't the sensor, has anyone found the actual cause of the problem an dfixed it?