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 Posted: Thu Sep 8th, 2005 12:50 am
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Ah sooooo.

Latest saga in Jenn-Air Wall Oven needs master help. Geting the infamous "F1" code especially after using oven to cook (what else....). F1 code comes on about 1/2 hour after breaker reset or after cooking.

1) Oven temperature sensor measures about 1,200 ok

2) Disconnect membrane panel from Robertshaw ERC control clock. Ah so, now no "F1" code, so must be membrane.

Now comes big trouble grasshopper! I need "series number" for oven. Problem is that there is no serial number data plate. Ok, now I find it. It's UPSIDE DOWN on TOP lip of oven door, must crawl on floor to see. But, again, only a serial number, not a "series number"

Please help order correct (very expensive part)...
Jenn-Air W131B wall oven
Serial # 13785301KK
I think it's a series "11" as it's about 10 years old

Anyways, two possible parts to replace membrane are:

Preeze hep me to decide?