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 Posted: Mon Jun 14th, 2010 04:38 pm
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I recently bought a house that came with a Sub-Zero 550. Not sure when it was installed or what maintenance has been done on it. I opened the grill on top of the fridge and noticed how dirty the coils were .. should I clean those coils? What is the best way to clean, just vacuum them? Should I turn off the fridge before cleaning?

The freezer recently gave me a scare when it wasn't cooling at all (the ice cream melted) and my wife noticed that the top tray was not pushed all the way back. Once we pushed it all the way back and closed the freezer door, everything went back to normal (hopefully it was just that and not a bigger issue).

I did not get any guide from the previous owner, can someone send me a link to any documents for the Sub-Zero 550?

I think I am going to be coming on this board more much often now that I have bought this house.