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 Posted: Tue Sep 6th, 2005 01:34 pm
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phil_in_CR wrote:
I found the door lock switch,and basically pushed and pulled to make sure the connection was good.
You should use a meter to check the continuity of the switch. Meter help here:

But what is the "timer line switch"? Is it the same as the "Line switch pull-on"? which I believe would simply be the pull on/off option on the main selector knob (for Whites/Colors/Short wash, etc.)?
That's correctum. This check is to ensure that you're getting voltage past the timer. Meter time again.

I am assuming that it may not be as simple as a loose connection, so I will have to go buy a voltmeter/tester . . . I don't think my old Sears engine analyser will work for this. :)
Good idea!

By the way, can the speed control board be repaired?
Everything can be repaired, it's a matter of cost and access to information. Getting schematic diagrams for these boards is an act of corporate espionage.

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