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 Posted: Tue Sep 6th, 2005 04:58 am
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Thanks for the response. I pulled the documentation from the machine, and started the section under "motor will not run." It says to check for a poor connection in the door lock switch or timer line switch. I found the door lock switch,and basically pushed and pulled to make sure the connection was good.

But what is the "timer line switch"? Is it the same as the "Line switch pull-on"? which I believe would simply be the pull on/off option on the main selector knob (for Whites/Colors/Short wash, etc.)?

I am assuming that it may not be as simple as a loose connection, so I will have to go buy a voltmeter/tester . . . I don't think my old Sears engine analyser will work for this. :)

By the way, can the speed control board be repaired? Techicians are relatively inexpensive here, it is not like the US where we just throw everything out because the labor is more expensive than the piece . . . here they fix just about everything!