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 Posted: Sat Apr 23rd, 2005 03:19 pm
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Hello, my testy friend.  Here in my country we are very good at, how do you Ameedicans say, African engineering.  Yes, that's it, except for us it would be Afghani engineering.  Eh heh, I made a funny, you see?  Anyway, as part of our Afghani engineering on machinery, we frequently use jumper wires to make things run: stolen cars, anti-aircraft missles, camel prods... even washing machines.  Would you like to learn of this arcane Afghani engineering art?  Very well. 

Simply take an insulated wire with about one half of your Ameedican inches stripped off each end.  Insert each stripped end into the back of harness for the two end wires, not the middle green one, as this would cause many glorious fireworks.  The washer will then think the lid is closed and will run normally. 

Allahu Akbar!