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 Posted: Sat May 15th, 2010 06:42 am
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I agree with Kurtius, I hate working on these dishwashers with a passion.  I've had to replace a door assembly, complete wiring harness, pump and motor assembly AND an electronic control on  2 of these pieces of junk just because of the sound insulation they use on the door that imbeds the wiring in the insulation, then every time the door is opened and closed it stretches the wiring and then breaks.  Last one we did LG sent the customer the parts for free and we installed it and LG paid us a mere $125 to do this job which took me close to 4 hours to do.

I am totally sick of being a slave to the manaufacturers doing their stinking warranty work for almost half our normal COD rates, especially foreign manufacturers where the profits go overseas. 

Scott Wolf