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 Posted: Sat May 8th, 2010 05:25 pm
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LG Dishwasher parts  Model: LDF6810ST/01  

Part Description         Part #                                                    Retail/My price +Shipping

float                  part# 4769DD2001A                                                          32/20
lower rack       part# 3751DD1006A                                                         107/45
upper rack       part# 3751DD1005A                                                          88/45
nozzle             part# 5249DD1001A                                                          10/6
nozzle             part# 5249DD2001A                                                          10/6    
utensil basket   part# 5005DD1001A                                                         28/15
cover or door assembly  part# 3551DD1003F                                         119/60
dispenser       part# 4924FD2123E                                                            48/25
control panel assembly   part# AGL32599306                                          148/80 
PCB Main        part# 6871DD1006M                                                         118/65
PCB                     part# 6871DD2001F                                                     71/5
PCB             part# 6871DD2002D                                                             59/27
latch            part# 4027ED3002A                                                             28/10
sump assembly        part# AJH31248604                                                143/75

Discount on more items ya take.
Obviously small parts such as float, nozzle, dispenser should be $6 shipping at most.

Make me an offer on whole package if ya want and we will figure out shipping $$

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