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 Posted: Fri Sep 2nd, 2005 03:05 pm
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i have to agree with mac, i have had the pleasure of doing this job many times due to warranties and extended service contracts and i honestly can't remember having felt  "good" about any of them, it is a very time consuming job(even if you've become proficient at it),and also very expensive as during the job,you will find a bunch of other things that require replacement such as the clutch pressure plate/throwout bearing looking brake device and brake pads on the bottom,the belt,most likely the small tension spring and maybe the idler and fur sure the snubber ring(teflon)- the cabinet surface will need to be cleaned with alcohol and sanded lightly- it is a gruelling process which simply does not render an accomplished result- unless this machine has some great inherent value to you, go out and obtain a new washing machine and forget it.

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