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 Posted: Thu Sep 1st, 2005 06:56 pm
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The tool is now here (in case anyone wondered how long it takes for one to arrive, economy class postage).

Reassembly of the machine the other day was uneventful, thanks to your site's good diagrams, which I printed and taped to the wall.

Before I ran it for real, I 1/3-filled it with water, stuck a pen in the shut-off switch, advanced it to the spin cycle, and turned on the garden hose (taking extreme care not to get the hose caught), and in so doing, got a whole lot more crud out. Repeated this, got very little that time, so then ran a regular load. Seems to be fine.

I'm sure there's plenty more crud left, though, enough to justify buying the tool and taking the machine apart again. Now all I need is another day with cruddy weather, so I can finish the project!

Many thanks,