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 Posted: Thu Sep 1st, 2005 02:55 am
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Since no one responded to my original posting, I figured the best place to start was at the beginning and not assume anything.  Since the door electronics control the high speed spin and the symptoms were identical to the first problem (a few weeks earlier) of no high speed spinning (but this time the door lock light was on and the wax motor fully engaged). I decided I needed to step through testing the various door components.  I started with the door lock spin enable switch (that had been working just fine). With my voltage test meter, I was unable to get any voltage reading when the wax motor was fully extended. 

I removed the screws and the small switch and sure enough it had failed just like the door lock light switch (the little switch activator was sitting inside the switch limp as can be!)  Given that both the door lock light and door lock spin enable switches are the same switch, I swapped the two and started a spin cycle test. The door lock light was no longer working but the high speed spinning is back! So back to the Repair Clinic for another replacement part.

 I wonder if this is the start of a series of failing, aged parts?

Thanks for the great site!