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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 12:28 pm
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Offline wrote: Willie I'm a Whirlpool man when it comes to refridgerator.... the only Frigidaire appliance I am partial to is there dishwashers. You couldn't give me a frigidaire refridgerator. Their sealed systems are by far the worse on the market....hmmm I might need to write a Haiku for that 1.
I see you always raving about there dishwashers and I don't see how that can be.

I thank they are some of the worst built dishwashers around.  I've seen plenty of wash motors going out on these pieces of junk and don't get me started on their lower rack rollers constantly falling off and door latch handles breaking!!!!!!

I've noticed also in the last year or two Frigidaire is going they way of G.E. in part prices, (2 to 3 times higher then any other manufactures for the exact same part), just like G.E. has always been.

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