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 Posted: Sat Apr 17th, 2010 04:06 pm
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Well there is most definately a difference in the two...automotive grade is not manufactured to be as "clean" or dry as appliance grade therefore that is why it is generally cheaper than appliance grade. I find that many folks are using auto grade for everything - either because of cost or just because they don't know there is a difference.  As you know, automotive systems don't have compressor windings and extremely narrow capillary lines to contend with as in sealed refrigeration systems so the auto refrigerant doesn't need to be as pure as it is does with appliances. I've used nothing but appliance grade since 1995 but I was just wondering if anyone had any long term issues (burnouts, clogged cap lines & driers, etc) with using the auto grade in appliances. I guess I'm trying to discern if there really is that much of a difference to the extent that I've been taught and followed all these years.

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