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 Posted: Tue Aug 30th, 2005 10:21 pm
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If the defrost thermostat measured 240K then it is open. Maytag uses a thermostat with a 240K ohm resistor in parallel to the contacts. This is used to simply diagnosis. Without having to expose the evaporator take an ohms reading between blue on the cold control (power off ) and the yellow wire on the adaptive defrost control (remove the connector plug - isolate) if you get 240k ohms plus the value of the heater (approx 20 ohms if O.K.) this indicates the defrost thermostat is open. If you get just the value of the heater this indicates the defrost thermostat is closed. Of course if your ohms reading shows infinity (no continuity) the heater is open. This can all be done by dropping the control panel of either the top mount or SxSides and accessing the cold control and ADC. Take a look at the schematic - simple - eh? For a partial schematic go to:  and scroll down to the diagram. Hope this helps