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 Posted: Mon Aug 29th, 2005 06:52 pm
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Case removal and agitator extraction went OK, and as expected, there was considerable loose scunge and lots of the same cemented-on soap build-up all through the insides.

The problem now is removing the tub, specifically the spanner nut that holds the tub in place. I beat away on it (using tips from topic_ids 882, 2196, 2107, 1830 and 1491; this post being 2562) using a variety of pounding devices and things to direct the pounding. And got nowhere. Also tried using a big pair of Channel-Lock pliers. Same.

I figure I needed the proper tool. So I tried four hardware stores, including Sears and Home Depot, and came up empty. A quick web search was not much more helpful. (Kiss half a day off goodbye.)

So I will dutifully order the tool from your on-line store, and while awaiting its arrival, put the machine back together.

I was hoping to get the bottom-of-tub crud out prior to further use of the machine, but that now seems improbable. I suppose I could set the whole apparatus on its side or upside down and, using various tools (yardstick, snowbrush from the car), shake/sweep it out.

Is this unwise? Have you any other ideas?