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 Posted: Sat Apr 3rd, 2010 05:55 am
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Does anyone know if elevatorman from March 2005 posts ever got his Triton XL fixed and what part he replaced the unknown Zener with?? My mother-in-law appears to have exactly the same problem right down to the burned micro and a 0 ohm (both directions) hidden diode.

Without the Flood Sw both motors seem to run OK just no H2O. Don't see anything smoked on the circuit board.

Applied 110V to the water inlet solonoid and it opens and I am able to blow air through it.

BTW this is a really great forum.
Followed the posts for elevatorman and so far everythin has been exactly as stated up until hes said he needed the $85 circuit control module.
Wiring diagram on this one is missing so I printed the one he posted.

Don Dallas, TX (dcyoung9)