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 Posted: Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 11:16 pm
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I've had the water dispenser freeze up a few times in the past (inherited fridge), but this time it has lasted for 5 days.  I tried reducing the freezer, and refrigerator, thermo a bit, rearranged the freezer to open up some space around the area of the door where the tube is located.  Nothing.

I get the click and hum when the despenser is activated; ice maker works, and ice/crushed ice come out fine.  All symptoms point to frozen dispenser tube.

I'm thinking about opening up the door, cleaning out the tube (we have very hard water, so I suspect the tube could be a bit obstructed, making the freeze up more frequent), and trying to insulate the tube better.

A service manual and/or schematic would help a bunch.