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 Posted: Sat Apr 23rd, 2005 03:29 am
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Well, this particular part of the thread has gone a bit past my education in thermodynamics.  Well, if you define "a bit" to mean at least a parsec.  I haven't had much thermodynamics past high school.  Calc, yes, but not thermodynamics. 

My freezer in the basement (which is a Hotpoint that is probably at least as old as my Whirlpool) has solid ice cream and is a frosty 9°F.

So, the freezer compartment needs to be somewhere between 9°F and 21°F to cause ice cream to be hard.  If I were to dial my fridge to 'as cold as possible' and close the baffle between the freezer and the fridge as far as it goes, what would be the lowest possible degree at which you would say, "the fridge is not working as it should and needs to have the refrigerant recharged or the unit needs to be scrapped?"


p.s.  There seems to be quite a bit of integration in that equation.  'K' is defined by a changing variable and, thus, the original has at least 2.