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 Posted: Sun Aug 28th, 2005 12:11 pm
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Binki, The part# is in the post just above mine.

Here it is again: 134453200 and RepairClinc can get it for you
CLICK HERE to order

It doesn't show a picture but it is the complete assembled outer tub with inner stainless steel spin basket with all new parts for only $218.40 instead of $250.90 for just the back tub half with bearings and seals.

The problem with just ordering the bearings is once you get it apart you might find that the tub shaft may be rusted badly from leaking for a long time and also who knows how bad the tub spider is at this point, seems to be quite a few of this breaking also.

The complete tub assembly would most diffinitely the easiest way for a novice and then you would have an almost new machine.

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