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 Posted: Sat Aug 27th, 2005 12:39 am
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jackpai wrote:
I too have the defrost failure on my 2001 Maytag MSD2756GEW, the way I do to manually defrost is to make an AC connector across the Heater Element and apply 120V AC to it, you don't have to remove any content from the fridge. I do this once every 6 to 10 days for about 30 minutes while researching and waiting on Maytag's answer. (Got their answer back, refuse to assist since my warranty expired! I paid $1,700 in 2001 for Maytag name, this will be my last Maytag I assure you)

When short out TST and L1, did not hear click. Replaced the relay, and micro controller, still don't hear the click, will look into the relay driver circuitry and post back my findings.

Make sure you have made metal to metal contact when shorting out the test & L1 pins since there is a coating on the circuit board and pins to prevent moisture from causing havoc on the circuit board. You can check this with an ohmmeter.

You should also check that both your fans are running (evaporator & condensor) when the fridge is running.

I found the problem with my Jenn-air to be an intermittent termisitor and a condensor fan motor which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't work. After replaced both I have a working fridge again.