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 Posted: Thu Mar 18th, 2010 03:15 am
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My girlfriend commented that the dishwasher might need looked at since it wasn't draining and was full of nasty water.

This is of course AFTER she had unloaded it and AFTER I commented of a gritty texture and strange taste to dinner.

So following this:

I ended up cleaning the check valve and taking a bunch of rice out of the drain hose.

If course, I used my sink sprayer to clear the hose and then decided to turn on the disposal, forgetting that I had the hose I had just removed from the side of it in my hand.

Anyhow, two questions:

The Samurai says that this is a older model made back in the day... How old? Is this thing end of life?

Also, there's a large hexagonal nut on a long shaft that goes into one side of the motor. What is this shaft and nut?