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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 03:16 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote: Master Brian wrote: Trying to remember back, but not long after I bought this house, I had a wire, which may have been the 220 for the dryer short across in a junction box.  Electrician fixed it, then I had the entire service to house upgraded from 60amp to 200amp and almost all new wiring installed.  Like I said this has been a "broken" item for a while now, I just waited to repair until I moved the laundry to the basement.  I just can't recall if this happened that long ago or not.  It's been about 2yrs since we moved, about 18months since the arcing in the junction box.  Could that have caused this???

That very well could have caused it.  By shorting the wires, depending on what you did you might have sent 220volts thru the dryness control board and blown that transistor out with a nice big burst of lightening.

I'm hoping that was the culprit, but I just can't recall when this started and if the two are related and neither could my wife.  The electrician asked if we were trying to burn the house down and it does seem like there was a burnt smell coming from somewhere....I just can't recall if it was from the laundry or the junction box the wires shorted out in!  Gotta love old spliced together wiring!!!  (and no I didn't do it, I just bought it)