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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 03:12 am
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Under the white "what's under here?" part are the red, yellow and clear(blue) LED lights that you see at the top of the backside of the circuit board picture.


I wondered about the Diodes as well, but couldn't tell clearly.  I'll go take another look and see.  If you look at the back of the circuit board picture on the upper left hand side you can see 3 solder joints just to the left of the clear/blue LED, that's the solder connection for the diodes.  From that pic they even look a bit overheated!  Again, I'll take another look!

As for the charring and the Burnt IC chip, I believe what happened is that th transistor or resistor (whatever it is) overheated and exploded.  It doesn't appear that bevel, you circled in red, is supposed to be like that.  If you look at the bottom edge of that corner, you can see where it appeared to "blow out".  That is what I believe caused the charring and the damage to the IC chip.  Must have caused a very hot flash!

That really is why I wonder if I should look at something else, like possibly the timer, but the timer doesn't have any real circuitry to it.  That is however what this burnt circuitry went to...

Trying to remember back, but not long after I bought this house, I had a wire, which may have been the 220 for the dryer short across in a junction box.  Electrician fixed it, then I had the entire service to house upgraded from 60amp to 200amp and almost all new wiring installed.  Like I said this has been a "broken" item for a while now, I just waited to repair until I moved the laundry to the basement.  I just can't recall if this happened that long ago or not.  It's been about 2yrs since we moved, about 18months since the arcing in the junction box.  Could that have caused this???