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 Posted: Thu Mar 11th, 2010 10:46 pm
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I have had this dryer for about 4-5yrs and some time ago, it stopped sensing when clothes were dry and the timer wouldn't advance.  This has the intellidry feature. 

Today, I went looking for the problem, I pulled the sensor out of the cabinet and cleaned the contacts, as they were dirty, then I lifted up the control panel and pulled out the sensor assembly for chime and dryness.  Well, it appears a transistor partially exploded/blew out.  A corner is missing and there is a black spot on the white housing for the LED lights.  Then on the printed side of the board several areas of the solder path are missing.  Mainly from the plug to the resistor that apparently had an issue. 

Obviously this needs replacing, but the question is, what might have caused this?

I'll try to look at the schematic and see what goes to that wire on the plug and post back, but anything else to look for in the meantime?

The dryer still dries, it just won't advance the timer and the sensor lights always show wet clothes.  I don't know if it will advance on timed dry, I'm trying to contact my wife to see if she knows.  I just don't do laundry and this has been an issue for some time, I was just waiting to repair until we moved the laundry room to the basement....