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 Posted: Fri Apr 22nd, 2005 06:19 pm
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Well, the thermostat is replaced.  I also bought a fridge/freezer thermometer.  About 3 hours ago, the freezer registered 25°F and the fridge registered 42°F 15 minutes later.  I set the fridge to cool more with its own dial and the temperature at this moment is 39°F.  I am happy with those readings.  I am going to have to check the freezer temperature again, but I am making sure the thermometer is reading right (let it come to room temp and rate it against a digital thermometer). 

I want to make sure I have this correct, too.  My fridge has two controls, one for the freezer and one for the fridge.  The fridge dial has an electronic part connected to it and the freezer dial has a connection to a baffle that changes the amount of cold air from the freezer that comes into the fridge.  Is that right or does my refrigerator have it's own set of coils for cooling? 

I can see it would be easier to make the freezer cold with the baffle not allowing as much cold air into the fridge (which is what happens when you turn the dial towards "colder").  Is it correct that the compressor is controlled by the fridge control dial?  That is, does the fridge run more/more often (everything else being equal) with the fridge dial turned towards "colder?"