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 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 11:31 pm
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Hello!! Fellow junk yard friends - I have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher model # KUDS230Y2

Does it work great - heck yes! Should I have to replace it ? Only if I can't find this part:

Control Panel diagram ID #18 - End Panel (right)

KA part # = 9740025

Lists as "NLA" wherever I go and with the KA 800# referral.

The threaded insert has pulled loose, so now the control panel is flexing which means the cycle selector buttons will half or partially engage or not always release/reset properly - confusing my wife. The end results are confusing for even the most casual observer :)

Used part would be great if you have one in the yard. And would make my life so much simpler :P

If not I have a workaround using a piece of sheet metal strap and some pop rivets. I could also get creative with epoxy rebuild on this piece.

This DW is working great - it would be a sin to have to trash it just because of this part.

Right now fiber tape is making it usable.

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