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 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 01:27 pm
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So.. I am in the mountains of North Georgia and not alot going on. Started in the business in Atlanta 6 years ago. Thanks to this site I have learned tons. I am debating on trying to get an A&E tech position if one is available in my area. If anyone"that has actually worked or currently works for" A&E could give me insight on these questions it would be appreciated.

1. Where to find positions in my area?

2. Best way to get in front of someone for the interview at A&E?

3. What to expect from day 1 if hired? Training?Tech guides?

4. Money?? What should I expect to earn weekly?

5. Hours?

I have a local TV tech that claims he can get me alot of warranty work via GE, etc... and he has the billing set up already but techs in other states have told me it's a nightmare to get paid?

Thanks for any input you guys/gals have.