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 Posted: Fri Apr 22nd, 2005 12:04 pm
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No, Jedi, He most deffinitely has some major door problem - Not just the cam.

Look at the picture, see that crack up the side? and only half the cam visible, the other half is up inside the door now.

If this was a Whirlpool branded product instead of a Whirlpool with the Kenmore name, Whirlpool would probably take care of that for you no charge but since you have to deal with Sears, GOOD LUCK. (I would be doing some major bitching to them if I where you, this shouldn't have broken like this unless you have an ape or very large kids swinging from the door)

If you end up fixing it, DON'T buy the part from Sears, save yourself about a $100.00 and order from RepairClinic CLICK HERE

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