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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 09:04 pm
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I have the fridge listed in the title of this thread.  It's ten years old.  This morning we awoke to strange clicking noises from the freezer.  I figured it was the evaporator fan but - ha! - try to find it.

In any case the freezer was full of water in its solid state.  Well, not full but a lot of clumps of extremely slow moving H2O molecules.  I sped up the molecules and wiped them out with a towel. 

I have the drawings for this online.  After much staring at the problem I figured out how to get at the evaporator tray.  It was full of non-moving H20 molecules, too. 

I have no idea where all the H20 came from.  The H2O molecule slower downer (ice maker) was frozen into place.  I had to use really fast moving H20 molecules (hot water) to get the ice maker out. 

Now I have the evaporator cleaned out and it's plugged back in.  However, it seems the fridge is only getting down to about 45 deg F set at number 6.

I have the freezer set at 1 since I will not be able to put it back together till tomorrow so I am leaving it apart till I get some answers. 

What would keep the fridge from cooling?  (About three months ago I pulled the bottom apart and cleaned the coils).  Is there any way to test the charge without gauges?  Would current draw tell me? 

I know I am getting some cooling because the fridge temp actually goes down with  the door closed.  

Where is the defrost timer located? 

I am off to a Physics class for now but will check back later.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.